As its the 15th Birthday of Google map, so it is updated with a new icon and new navigation tools and many new features.

The new icon is of Google brand pin which replaced the intersection pin. The new icon is as below:

New Updated Icons And Features On Google Maps
New Updated Icons And Features On Google Maps
Image Source: searchenginejournal

Description of the design is described below:

New Updated Icons And Features On Google Maps
New Updated Icons And Features On Google Maps
Image Source: searchenginejournal

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What’s New?

Starting today, the Google Maps app for iOS and Android will have new navigation tabs at the bottom of the screen. These include:

New navigation tabs at the bottom will be seen in both iOS and Android in the Google Maps from today. New features are:


It will give quick access to information, ratings, reviews and will tell us more about nearby places.


It will be giving real-time update traffic updates, will tell us the travel time and best alternative routes.


Spots can be saved in one place for easy view.


Suggestions can be given about local roads, business reviews, addresses, missing places and photos in the Google Maps now.


We can see trending and must-see spots suggested by local experts in this tab.

New Coming Features

New features will be seen in March as Google is working on them. It will be giving information about the route selected according to the information shared by the other users.

Information regarding be like below :


It will tell about the temperature on the route whether it is cold or hot.


Information regarding accessible stop-button or hi-visible LED, public transit lines with staffed assistance and accessible entrance and seating can be seen in this new tab.

Women’s Section

Women will be getting information about their section and carriages in the regions where the transit system have designated the same for them.

Security Onboard

Information regarding the security guard, Installed CCTVs or Security Cameras or an available helpline, in short, the whole Security Monitoring can be seen in this tab.

Users will be invited to fill the short survey to makes these features more helpful to them.


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