Everyone is confused about the fluctuations in the search results. However, some named it as February 2020 update and Google proved them wrong.

Danny Sullivan commented on the same:

Someone asked for a clue about what the so-called update was about.

Danny Sullivan responded that Google updated all the time and linked to a 2019 tweet that explained the difference between a daily update and a core algorithm update.

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Danny was questioned about the update, on which he replied :


2019 tweet from Danny Sullivan was:

Core Algorithm Update

When changes are made in Google’s Algorithm, it is known as the Core Algorithm Update. It signifies something is added to the algorithm, usually what users need answers when they make a query on Google and words on webpage mean.

Daily Update:

Whatever fluctuation was felt was due to the daily updates that happen all the time. Google performs updates to their algorithm every single day.  For example,

Fluctuation happens due to daily updates as updates happen every single in the algorithm. For example,

Usual Indicators of an Update

When Google comes with a major update then there are many discussions on social media like social media is filled with the post clustering from that niche on which the update belongs to. But the same was missing from all social media platforms.

The No Update Update

Update happens every year, every month on every single day as without knowing users experienced fluctuations in the search results.

Danny Sullivan exclaimed:

Solutions For Lost In Rankings

It is believed that Google will revert the changes after some time as they will receive the feedback. As it is unusual for Google to revert the changes.

Google stated, “Nothing to Fix”. which means fixing low-quality links, low-quality content, etc. aren’t the main the reason for the fluctuation and therefore there is nothing to fix.

If a user searches “cakes” and the owner page is about ” how to make a homemade cake” is ranked at last position, it’s just preference is for the pages that answer about from where to buy cakes or cake brand sites are ranked on the top.

It happens when Google comes up with a better way so that Google can easily understand what users want when they search for anything.


Daily Updates

As the updates happen every week, this could be the result of all the minor changes collective. This is not the core update.

Google Search Console Update

A few days back, Google Search Console was updated and site owners were asked to review and fix their websites. Many experienced their promotion to the featured snippets and were seen on the top, which means many lost their traffic too. It automatically means changes made by the publishers also lead towards their ranking.

News Update


There is no major Google Update, normal fluctuation happens every single day. The update news was all false.

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