Now Facebook mobile apps will help you to locate the nearest hotspot around you. Since free Wi-Fi would be more precious than anything for anyone and specially for remote workers who are willing to set a mobile office.


It will be available for everyone soon

This feature inside Facbeook is called as Find Wi-Fi. It has been under testing for over a year and now it comes in to existence globally and everyone will have this feature in their mobile facebook apps.


What it shows

As the name suggests, it shows you businesses near to your location offering free Wi-Fi that you can tap into.


Business need to opt in database

Businesses would appear only they have opted into Facebook’s database. So its not the last option for finding internet access but it is still helpful. It would also provide you with the working hours of the company so that you can avoid such places which are closed.


There are other apps available for the same

Well Facebook is not the only as well as first one who have this kind of features in fact there are a number of apps and services who can help you find free Wi-Fi but he main problem lies as to who is offering it and who are not. This is where Facebook’s large network might come into use.


How you can use it

Update for iOS and Android is being implemented and once you have the feature, you will find it in More tab inside the app. From there you can choose Find Wi-Fi from the list.

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