Instagram has allowed the use of mobile browsers or app to upload photos which has been an annoying task for the photographers. But, now it won’t be a problem with a free and open source software, Windowed that help the users in uploading photos from desktop.


How the photos are uploaded?

With a bit of coding twist, the Instagram can be tricked into thinking that it is actually a mobile browser making the upload easier. So, this is basically a web browser with code of mobile.


About “Windowed”

It is the creation of photographer, Felix Sun who used his engineering tactics to create such a product. Since this is a mobile web browser from desktop this means will not have any access to the user’s account information. And as it does not hold any affiliation with Instagram, it would not get blocked.


Instagram’s growing trend

With the latest feature of cross-posting with Facebook and using Direct Messages to share Stories, Instagram is focussed on instant sharing making it a little difficult to schedule posts.

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