PayTm Mall is updating its seller on-boarding process to allow only the quality sellers on their Ecommerce platform with a series of process that a seller has to undergo to do business.


The strategy behind

The company has made it obligatory for the sellers to present a brand authorization letter that has led to delisting of over 85,000 sellers who have failed in meeting the quality standards.


What a seller has to do

PayTm Mall’s audits has asked the sellers to provide their registration number, location of the store and GSTIN to enlist their products on the platform. The company expects that the criteria will block any fraud retailer to create a bad customer experience.


Impact of GST

The company has not decided over any margin structure due to changes in taxation post GST. So, the delisting of sellers were prior to the implementation of the taxation system, and not owing to their non-compliance of GSTIN.


The business workflow

No significant impact on the sales of product due to delisting has occurred. Moreover, the shops will be provided with PayTm Mall QR code solution which will be scanned by consumers to browse products and place orders quickly.

The shops will generate revenue on their bought products along with set few policies on the interest on customer.


Expansion of Company

PayTm Mall has decided to move into Tier-II and Tier-III cities adding 3000 agents on their workforce to bring their business online.

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