Pinterest has released a new set of planning tools for boards and pins so as to enable users to save the ideas as they go through billions of Pins. Firstly Pinterest has added a note option within boards to allow people to add key information to their pin discovery.

Notes Option
Image Source: Social Media Today

As seen in the picture, there is a new separate panel within the boards where you can add details and points you like in the tab.

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As Explained By Pinterest:

As Explained By Pinterest
Image Source: Social Media Today

Not only this the platform is also adding a list of dates on boards that can be helpful for events. It could also help to keep tabs on for your connections for upcoming things.

Date Listings
Image Source: Social Media Today

Pinterest along with this also adding automatic recommendations to sort your boards.

Image Source: Social Media Today

Image Source: Social Media Today

And last but not least it is also making it easy to create a board and adds new discovery features with guided advance board creation experience. The process will assist you to categorize your new pin set and further provide you with more pins that you can add to your collection.

Pin Categorization
Image Source: Social Media Today

Pinterest is receiving increasing usage during the COVID-19 lockdown with a lot of people coming in every month looking for ideas and inspiration. Pinterest has now seen optimistic signs of the consumer returning as many regions overcome the COVID-19 peak.

Recent Usage
Image Source: Social Media Today

Users can go over the platform and can test out the new tools that have been added to the pin experience.

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