Facebook is taking WhatsApp to another level by introducing a new feature from where businesses can exhibit their products from WhatsApp Business App. This update leads to another monetization form the app.

Now small brands can provide more images and information about the products they offer through WhatsApp business listings.

Procedure Of Using WhatsApp Business Listings:

History Of WhatsApp Business Listings:

In the month of April WhatsApp releases its business app being known the fact that more than 5 million businesses were already engaged in WhatsApp Business App on Android. With the heavy usage of WhatsApp on sending personal messages a company is taking platform one step ahead in business development.

Explanation By WhatsApp:

Explanation By WhatsApp on Product Catalog Feature
Explanation By WhatsApp on Product Catalog Feature

Image Source: Social Media Today

WhatsApp Pay:

In Introducing WhatsApp Business Listings WhatsApp pay could play a significant role in it. As Facebook’s Libra currency is in the cloud WhatsApp Pay could be a bigger platform for it as well. It could give very important opportunities for Facebook In the coming year.


WhatsApp Business App is currently available in the following countries Brazil, Germany, India, Indonesia, Mexico, the U.K., and the U.S from last week.






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