Reddit has this week gave an outline of its key execution details and achievements for 2019 as a feature of its year in the survey – and there are some extremely best bits of knowledge included inside the different information focuses.


Reddit’s primary, more extensive use purposes of note for the year are:

  1. 430 million month to month dynamic clients (+30% YoY increment)
  2. 199 million posts
  3. 1.7 billion remarks
  4. 32 billion upvotes


More On This:

In April 2018, Reddit revealed having 330 million month to month dynamic clients, its keep going authority update on this front. It’s currently included another 100 million, which shows that Reddit presently has altogether a larger number of clients than Twitter (330m as of April 2019), Pinterest (322m), and likely LinkedIn, TikTok and Snapchat (the latter three don’t report MAU details, however the information accessible would recommend that none have near 430 million month to month actives).

But on the other hand, what’s significant here is the relative development rate.


As mentioned in the above Image, Since April 2018, the Reddit’s MAU no. is actually increasing faster than any other platform besides facebook which is rapidly increasing in other new regions.


Once Again, the comparisons are not exact, we don’t have official MAU rates for Snapchat, LinkedIn and TikTok, which is the reason they’re not recorded, and Twitter quit revealing MAU information for its own mDAU detail back in July (Twitter went from 335m MAU in Q2 ’18 to 330m in Q1 ’19).

Be that as it may, Instagram revealed hitting a billion MAU in June 2018 and hasn’t given an official update since, and Pinterest is developing, however, it’s a way of a similar rate.


Reddit, going on these details, is quick turning into an increasingly basic social stage, with its human-directed methodology apparently holding more influence with more clients over the long run, which is critical to consider.

This is additionally underlined in Reddit’s on-stage commitment details:

  1. Month to month remarks have become 37% YoY
  2. Month to month see tally has hopped 53% YoY


These are great numbers, and keeping in mind that Reddit may not be as sponsor neighborly as different stages, it’s hard to ignore the potential here.


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What’s more, that is before you consider the extra points of interest of who are presently utilizing Reddit, and why.


In its further revealing, Reddit traces the development in different point zones and networks, taking note that there are currently more than 100K dynamic networks on the stage (however, strangely, Reddit has recently pegged that number at 130k).


Growth in Discussion and Engagement around Beauty:

Increase in YoY subscribers in the top 50 beauty (+63%) and style (+52%) communities.


Food Trends

35% YoY increase in subscribers in the top 50 food communities


And parenting:






Reddit has additionally included new ad-options this year as it looks to improve its income potential, while it’s likewise dealt with improving its rules and tidying up its platform to give more confirmation to advertisers.


Furthermore, you can see the more brief detail about the Reddit Releases 2019 Performance Stats and Trends Here.

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