Guidelines for FAQ structured data with repetitive content have been updated by Google. The following line has been added to the guidelines.

Repetition Of FAQ Structured Data Markup Deprecated By Google
Repetition Of FAQ Structured Data Markup Deprecated By Google
Image Source: searchenginejournal

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Kenichi Suzuki shared the same on Twitter. It might be Google updated the guidelines to prevent the sites selfishly using too many spots in the SERPs

Suzuki shared on Twitter:

In the above examples, it is clearly visible that the questions about Tokyo can be seen on different pages. It happens by using FAQ structured data which is against the new guidelines by Google. Question regarding Tokyo has to be marked only once on the page that is related to the Tokyo questions.


Site owners should stop marking up the same question if it appears on different pages. If they continue to violate the guidelines they might lose the eligibility to appear in featured snippets


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