Tech investor Mohandas Pai recently stated about the upcoming Business-to-business startups though having some difficult in running them as compared to Business-to-customer startups.


The startup report

There are said to be 20,000 startups in India and 90 per cent of them being B2C, because they are started by young people barely out of college. B2C have been successful in their business ventures because they see the challenges faced by the consumers out of experience.


Why B2C’s were a hit and not B2B?

In the B2C the large e-commerce companies gain all the money, the smaller companies are not able to get the money and they struggle a lot.

For B2B’s they have to sell to business and selling to business takes longer as companies which are in business for a long time are slow to adapt to new technologies.


Bright Side for B2B in Bengaluru

Pai confirmed the hope for B2B startups in Bangaluru saying” Bengaluru has an unique advantage, because there are 35,000 IT companies in the city and there are companies in machine tolls, aerospace, space research, electronics and 3D printing, artificial intelligence which were in smaller ecosystem that are now maturing and more money coming in”.


Bizlab: Airbus’ strategy

Bizlab is meant to bring together start-ups and Airbus “intrapreneurs” to work convert their innovative ideas into productive businesses.
Through its six month “acceleration programme”, Airbus Bizlab is giving access to a large number of coaches, experts and mentors in various sectors.

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