Snapchat has gained a 20% increase in its daily active users as compared to last year. It obtained 11 million daily active users in the initial quarter of 2020 making it 229 million active users overall. Snapchat has hit the record of creating 4 million snaps on average each day in the first quarter of 2020. Snapchat released a report stating how users online activity has changed amid COVID-19.

Effect Of COVID-19 On Snapchat Users

Increasing Time Spent On Snapchat’s Unique Features

Users have been looking out for ways to engage with the Snapchat platform. Snapchat AR lenses, games have gained significant usage amid the lockdown.

time spent on unique feature
Image Source: Social Media Today

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Its lenses feature usage has increased by 25% during the late march in comparison to February. Particularly categories like News, Gaming, Health, and Wellness have seen increasing engagement.

Increasing Engagement

As people looking out for ways to stay connected face to face, time spent on Snapchat’s video and voice calls has increased over time. Engagement in group chats has reached its all-time high. The number of snaps sent between friends has been reached to its highest and has overcome the highest peaks at times of major holidays like Christmas.

What Other Things Snapchat Users Are Doing?

Snapchat published a data report on what its users are doing off the platform. According to the survey done in mid-march –

Snapchat’s users are staying inside:
  • 29% decrease in bar visits
  • 73% decrease in school and college attendance
  • 22% fewer air travelers
  • 41% fewer gym visits
Snapchat’s users adapting new habits:
  • 62% of users are now streaming more
  • 38% are gaming more
  • 21% of users are shopping more
Snapchat’s users content consumption:
  • 39% more users are now watching TV
  • 29% increase in time spent on social media
  • 39% are using more online news

Decline In Ad Revenue

Though Snapchat usage has reached its highs in various categories, its ad revenue has decreased over the months.

Snapchat’s CEO Statement

Decline In Ad Revenue
Image Source: Social Media Today

Snapchat, therefore, has said it will make some changes so as to better serve advertisers.



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