Snapchat new big hit is all ready to roll out in the market. The company is planning to introduce Bitmoji Tv that will feature users bitmoji character in an animated series. It will help to increase the personalization and engagement of bitmoji.  The animated cartoon series of a user will consist of users and their friend’s bitmoji characters.

Snapchat Bitmoji-TV Feature
Snapchat Bitmoji-TV Feature
Image Source: Social Media Today

Evolution Of Bitmoji Stories

Snapchat had launched the bitmoji Stories Evolution feature back in November in which users and their friends Bitmoji stories already have some animated elements but in a still frame.

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History Of Bitmoji

BitStrips had been large on Facebook in around 2014, with human beings sharing collaborative comics of jokes and scenes that captured their real-world personalities in cartoonish, Bitmoji shape.

Impact To Snapchat

Snapchat has an image for staying ahead of the curve, and main the manner with new trends. In mixture, the arrival of Bitmoji TV will be vast. We’ll just wait and see, of direction, however, it will likely be worth keeping an eye fixed on how the new cartoons are received.

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