Snapchat has released a new unique edition lens in collaboration with British artist Damien Hirst, which allows users to design their own spin painting, on the basis of the style that got Hirst popular in the nineties.

As seen in the video, the new lens allows users to put various colors into their spin painting, therefore, creating distinctive effects as a final result. The new lens may not be that innovative and it is likely that a lot of young users won’t be familiar with Hirst’s art. But the process of spin painting was a hit back in 1994 so it is expected to become a major hit now.

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The partnership also forms to raise funds for Partners in Health that supports underserved communities’ health systems. Users will help donate to PiH if they use Hirst Lens and users will be able to submit their creation to “Our Story” which will create a virtual art gallery with digital spin creations. Snapchat notes that it may look out to put public creations on Snapchat into a live exhibition later in the future.


It seems to be an interesting project, Hirst being a famous figure in the world of art is someone with unique artistic features. His popularity would assist in generating interest for Snapchat, which will, therefore, boost collaboration with PiH to help raise funds for COVID-19 initiatives. Users can make use of the Spin Painting Lens as it is available now on Snapchat.


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