Snapchat has started testing cameo mode live that will enable users to insert their image into GIFs. This will add a unique dimension in their short video clips.

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The new feature is available to some selected users of France for testing purposes. The aim of rolling out this feature is the end of this month or ahead of the holiday period. According to the company, this new feature will become friendly among the users and become another trend.


The procedure for making your Cameo will be open by means of the messaging keyboard inside the application.

Key Area For Snapchat

This is a key zone for Snapchat since it’s one that Facebook can’t beat it alone. Of course, Facebook can take Snapchat’s devices and turn them out to billions, overshadowing Snapchat’s ability for scale. Be that as it may, Snapchat’s creative limit can’t be reproduced, and is a major piece of the motivation behind why the application has had the option to keep up huge utilization regardless of the rising test of Instagram specifically.


Some portion of the motivation behind why Cameo is being made available through the messaging, instead of being placed in with Snapchat’s other AR instruments, is on the grounds that it’s intended to line up with the individuals who routinely uses the application, rather than prevailing upon newcomers or being displayed as a capacity to draw in easygoing clients.

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