As you all know, Social Media platforms are becoming more and more authoritative, in terms of content, News, etc.then it becomes its duty that it should also take care of all the spam and protect us from showing all the forged stuff. In result, all the social network are working focused to make better and remove all the spam accounts, which in results a swing of major deletion of various high profile users and has shown a particular decline in their follower counts.

For example:

  • Instagram removed millions of spam accounts In 2014.
  • Facebook cleaned out a no. of fake profiles In 2017.
  • Twitter removed millions of bot accounts In 2018.


Cleaning The Cluster

One further addition in ongoing efforts to find and delete all the fake accounts at a vast level. It becomes a focus to concern, and hence the digital marketing team of these social platforms has worked inflexible to clean up the cluster. Spambots and fake profiles still remain a problem, but as you can see here, major efforts are underway to address such.



All these spam and fake profiles remain to become a major problem, but with such efforts, you can see a drastic decline in such accounts. Here’s the Infographic tells the whole story:-



Image Source: SocialMediaToday

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