TikTok has finally disclosed a new partnership contract with WPP. Because of this partnership, WPP clients can use internal tools and features of TikTok.  With this, they can maximize their engagement and efforts with the video platform.


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Integration of TikTok With WPP

This new partnership will bring some more opportunity for WPP clients in order to maximize their TikTok engagements through internal tools. WPP is also looking for some training sessions for WPP agencies.

This partnership will also smoothen the brand collaboration process and might bring some more celebrities. After this integration, WPP has become the Lead Agency Development Partner for TikTok.

TikTok Stated

Recognizing the significant opportunities for brands that both short-form video and digital content continue to present, WPP will have early access to advertising products in development, ensuring WPP and its clients remain at the forefront of innovation as TikTok further develops its suite of products for brands. This includes partnering on marketing API integrations and next-generation formats, such as augmented reality offerings.


The partnership will help both companies. But the main fear of TikTok is still alive i.e losing its main creators. It has been noticed that TikTok’s main creators are moving towards other social media platforms. Therefore, TikTok needs to think about that aspect as well. WPP can use this integration as a big opportunity because it is estimated that the Tiktok will become the next billion-user platform in 2021.

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