TikTok Declares New European ‘Transparency and Accountability Center’


TikTok has announced plans to open new Transparency and Accountability Center in Europe, based in Ireland, extending on a similar move already established in the US.


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Explanation By TikTok

The Center will provide experts with an opportunity to visit and see first-hand how teams at TikTok go about the critically important work of securing our community’s safety, data, and privacy. Through this direct observation of our practices, experts will have an opportunity to learn about our moderation systems, processes, and policies.

The new center will set to address particular concerns raised by EU regulators, a few of whom has been pushing for a ban of the app. TikTok’s also planning to open the same facility in Washington DC and to note TikTok already has a Transparency and Accountability Center in LA. The plan is that the Center will be open for everyone to come in and see how TikTok works, to remove concerns around its processes.

Statement By TikTok

The landscape we operate in is rapidly evolving and it’s our hope that visitors will be able to learn more about our work, but importantly, also provide candid feedback about what they see and hear. No system, policy, or practice is flawless, and we are committed to constant improvement.


It seems to be a good move, but the issue is that it will be seen as more of a PR initiative rather than a valuable consideration. TikTok is looking to be more open as possible as it continues to extend around the world.


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