TikTok has introduced a new range of visual effects that are triggered by sound, therefore, providing new creative opportunities within your TikTok clips.


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Explanation By TikTok

The new effects are powered by real-time and interactive music processing technologies. The result is visual movements and transitions that move synchronously to the beat of any song from TikTok’s sounds library.

Music Visualizer is the first introduction that gives an animated background that reacts to the beat of the music track.

According To TikTok

The effect runs real-time beat tracking to animate an out-of-this-world, retro greenscreen landscape that will move right to the beat of your favorite space song (or any song you like from our sounds library)

So users can record while moving over this digital landscape with sounds continuously moving up and down in time. Along with this TikTok is also adding a new ‘Music Machine’ which will enhance creators to make music from several drumbeats and other sounds as they record the video.

As Per TikTok

 Music Machine also features a BPM slider that allows for real time BPM adjustment while preserving timbre and pitch. There are five, one-shot sound effects and dynamic visual responses that synchronize the visuals of your video with the music you create.

TikTok also Adds:

  • Delayed Beats – Synchronize a series of still images to the beat of any song from TikTok’s sounds library
  • Text Beats – Add animated text overlays which transition, in-synch, with the beat of any song
  • Solid Beats – Adds vibrant, funky visual effects to your video that synchronize with the beat of any song
  • Mirror Beats – Aligns display transitions with the beat of any song


This could offer a wide range of new creative opportunities with more engaging tools. This will overall improve the quality of your content. More features like these will help TikTok as the platform working on more creative, immersive effects. These new effects are live now and are available in a new dedicated “Music” tab in the Creative Effects tray.

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