TikTok Introduces “Playlists” Feature For Group Clips

There’s a range of ways it could be used, with a sequential or cliffhanger-style approach potentially helping to keep your audience coming back for more, increasing engagement, and reach, as a result.

There are quite ways through which creators can use it. This is like a sequential or cliffhanger-style approach that helps your viewers to come back for you. It will also increase engagements and reach as well.


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TikTok Playlists Feature For Selected Users
Image Source: Matt Navarra

The new “playlists” feature helps you give a dedicated collection of your video clips, which the creator can name according to the wish. However, there is a limit of 15 characters for naming the collection.

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For Brands

This playlist could be very useful for the brands as they can easily make a collection of tutorials or explainer videos. The videos will play in sequence and will help people to know how to use the product. With the help of a short video format, brands can easily emphasize the USP of their product.

Unfortunately, the “playlists” feature is not available for business. There is no official update on how it will be available to all the users and how the rollout process will begin.

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