TikTok is launching a new function called “Family Pairing” which will allow parents to have control on the time spent by their kids on the app. It will also help keep them away from offensive and unwanted content.

Family Pairing
Image Source: Social Media Today

Explanation By TikTok

Explanation By TikTok
Image Source: Social Media Today

Family Pairing will let parents link their child’s account to their own TikTok account, providing them with a new set of controls on their child’s activity.

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Three Keys Elements In Family Pairing:

  • Restriction Mode – Parents can set restrictions on content that is not appropriate.
  • On-Screen Time Regulation – Parents can set a limit for how long their children can make use of the app each day.
  • Direct Messages – Parents will be able to manage who can send messages to their child’s account.

These were much-needed updates considering the criticism faced by TikTok that it is becoming a platform where underage girls are displaying their sexuality. TikTok guidelines state that it wanted to showcase attractive people to boost its use and it shows more of the same content that you have previously engaged with. So guess what you will be seeing if you engage with the content of pretty girls or guys dancing around?

TikTok will also disable direct messaging for those users under the age of 16, though users will still have the option to switch back on if they want to. TikTok has been under multiple controversies as being the primary concern of exploiting younger users. Looking at the growth of the platform it is important to see TikTok providing more options to counter such issues before they get out of hand.

The tool comes along with TikTok’s parental guide and its safety tips account to make younger audiences aware of the risks and issues involved in making use of social media.

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