Over the last couple of years, TikTok has gained huge growth. It is also a noticeable fact that the app is banned from various countries and still manages to have huge growth. The app was banned from its major users in countries such as India and almost in the US.


TikTok Takes Legal Action Against Pending Trump App Store Ban


TikTok and Other Apps

TikTok has a direct competition with Instagram, especially after the release of the Reels feature on the app. But TikTok being a small video creation app attracts many small and large brands. The reason could be that TikTok has every age of a user on it.

Therefore, the company has issued a video on how to create an ad campaign and how to use various targeting options.


The video is a helpful exampler for the TikTok platform. This will really help advertisers to set up an Ad on TikTok. If someone is already has a little bit of knowledge setting up ad campaigns on other social media platforms, then the features on TikTok will be easy to understand and use.

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