TikTok has a plan to come with a new variety of e-commerce focused ads as the company is looking to maximize its revenue potential. A report by Business Insider, TikTok is planning to introduce a new range of in-stream shopping tools. The platform is making so many changes as it wants to explore its e-commerce potential.


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TikTok’s New Options

The first option is “Collection Ads”, which will allow brands to merge their branded videos and product catalog listings so as to give users guidance to relevant products from their video clips. TikTok is also introducing ‘Dynamic Product Ads’ which will retarget users with relevant products automatically as per their activities in the advertiser’s sites and apps. ‘Promo Tiles’ will allow advertisers to add custom promotional alerts to their in-feeds ads while the ‘Showcase Tiles’ will help allow creators to promote products in their videos with link-related product thumbnails at the lower part of the screen. The last-mentioned options are similar to TikTok’s eCommerce offerings in the Chinese version of the app ‘Douyin’ in China.

Douyin TikTok Chinese App
Image Source: TikTok


These options will help TikTok create better revenue-share opportunities to make sure its top creators get paid. Given this, it does not come out as a surprise to see TikTok making this the main area of focus and it will be worth considering these options in your digital marketing approach.

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