TripAdvisor recently launched TripAdvisor Connect. The branded content ad product ties with travel site audiences. It was first introduced on Facebook and Instagram but expand to other sites in the coming year.


The ads will be shown as a co-branded company posts with the TripAdvisor logo and the company name and the “Paid Partnership” at the top of the ad. The ads can be targeted through Facebook targeting features and Trip Advisor’s audience profile.

TripAdvisor Statement:

Vice President of TripAdvisor stated, ” with the help of consumer insights, we want to help our advertising partners by reaching high-end audiences and engagements outside the Tripadvisor site and app.”

More Information:

  1. 60% of travelers who book online make decision while serving the site, says Tripadvisor report.
  2. Tripadvisor’s connect ads will be linked to the site owner or on the Tripadvisor listing if present.
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