Twitter is working on offering more insights into the action taken on information requests, rule violations, misinformation campaigns, and more through the Transparency Center site, which has been converted into an interactive extension of its regular transparency reports.

Explanation By Twitter

“In 2020, it is more important than ever that we shine a light on our own practices, including how we enforce the Twitter Rules, our ongoing work to disrupt global state-backed information operations, and the increased attempts by governments to request information about account holders. […] We have reimagined and rebuilt our biannual Twitter Transparency Report site to become a comprehensive Twitter Transparency Center. Our goal with this evolution is make our transparency reporting more easily understood and accessible to the general public.”

This will give access to more particular elements of the Twitter Transparency Report, with various dedicated element sections of enforcement.

Transparency Reports
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There are interactive features in each report area that you can use to get the specific data you need. Along with this, there are new improved visualization tools and nations comparison options.

Nation By Nation Comparison
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This option makes it easy to have a quick view of all of the shifts and trends, with some more detail that highlights the specifics of each region.

Infromation Requests
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It gets difficult to have a sense of the overall shifts with more specific options but you are still able to see the overall numbers within each of the topic overview from the main page.

Platfrom Manipulation
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Looking into the latest set of data you can see that Twitter has got an increase in spam reports in the period of July 1st to December 31st,2019. The Twitter has not yet updated the data of the recent period due to the impacts of COVID-19 but the company states that it looks to release the information as early as possible every six months. This means that the reports are a little late but it is worth it to note the major shifts which include this as well-

Image Source: Social Media Today

Twitter got a 47% rise in the actions taken against the accounts violating rules within the period, witch huge increment in the penalties because of abuse and hateful conduct. Also, Twitter removed the 50% more content as compared to the previous reporting frame. This highlights that Twitter is taking as much action to consider user concerns over these key elements which are specifically important for Twitter considering the past criticism for its non-action in countering toxic users.


It is interesting to see how the trends look like in the present reporting period which therefore now seems easy to do so with these new comparative tools. Over recent times Twitter has been working on various concerns which include discussion about #BlackLivesMatter movement, wrong information around COVID-19, and more. The Twitter contribution has been praised by many and soon it will give more definitive data on exactly how it approaches these elements- in easy comparable view charts and graphs.

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