Twitter releases that now your retweet count will contain both retweets with comments and basic retweets and users will be able to figure out in a new listing in their tweet detail.

Twitter has been testing out the new listing over the past few weeks and has come up with the new update to address complications related to its displayed engagement stats. As of now, Twitter has counted a retweet with comments as a unique tweet itself in order to not include in users’ total retweet count. Few found this as a bug in Twitter’s system but it was not, as Twitter consider a retweet with comments different from a regular tweet.

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Now users will get a full list of your total retweet count along with related comments, replies and you can choose to engage with them. It will create increase tweet engagement. This is a good update as it fixes what seems to be an error in Twitter’s system. Twitter has made it official to release on iOS and it is being tested on  Android as well.


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