Twitter, which recently introduced an interactive interface is now about to introduce night mode for the desktop users who prefer working during night. Now, Twitting at night time would provide more relaxing experience.

Where to find the night mode?

Many users have been seeing this option on their screen after getting logged in. The user gets to see this option when he clicks the profile image on the top right and gets a drop down list. The option will be displayed below “log out”.


How will it helpful?

Twitter’s Night Mode will make it easy for the user to work in evening or darkened work space as bright monitors at night seem to prick the eyes. So, a night mode will soothe the user’s eyes if he likes to hop into Twitter at night.


The past views

Twitter has already introduced the night mode option in Android and iOS and is now coming with the desktop feature.


Not getting a night mode, what to do?

If the user is keen to have the dark mode on its screen but is not a part of their test group, then he may use some extensions from Chrome Web Store.

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