Twitter has officially launched a separate count listing for ‘ Quote Tweet’, it was being under testing last week.

Recommendation – Twitter Tests Changing Retweets And Comments With New Quotes Count

In the last week of May, twitter made this type of listing of ‘Retweets’ and ‘Retweets with Comment’ to check more transparency on engagement. Soon after this Twitter changed the name to ‘Retweets and Comments’ which is a bit easy to understand.

“Quote Tweets”

Presently, Twitter has chosen ‘Quote Tweets’, which it must feel is sufficiently simple to understand. That will make it simpler to see full tweet reaction activity initially, which could assist with giving more context – and a totally different tweet proportion thought for related comments.

New Feature

Twitter has bow launched its reply control feature, quote tweets can be the best way to reply if the user restricts the replies.

More On This

It is a much-needed change, as it will make visible that users are reacting to tweets. This is also helpful in engagement.

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