Twitter has been working on the potential of adding a range of emoji-style reactions to tweets, therefore, providing users more ways to engage in the app.


Twitter’s Working To Enhance DMs, Considers New Search Features For Messages

Twitter tweet reactions
Image Source: Social Media Today

The new process will add a new emoji reaction option to every tweet. Twitter is also working on Reddit like upvote and downvote option. It is not yet clear if Twitter is considering adding both the features or one or the other as of now.

Twitter Tweet Reactions Sets
Image Source: Social Media Today


This is not the first time that Twitter is experimenting with quick reactions and the up and downvotes for tweets. As such it does not come out as a surprise to see Twitter experimenting with these ideas. It may help Twitter to show responses to a tweet and help the best tweets gain more engagement. It will surely add new considerations to your tweet process.

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