Just after the hype of ‘Twitter Lite’, it has now announced its latest development. Twitter is now going to display view counts on Video that will be posted on its platform.


The Speculation on the Count

The testing for video counts has been going for a long time with users getting a glimpse of it time and again. But, the question remains whether the video count will take into account an actual view or should count a viewer’s intent. Twitter stated that the video count will be considered if the video is being played for at least 2 seconds.


Video Counts on other platforms

  • Facebook gives a count of 3 seconds of view
  • Snapchat gives a count as soon the Video is opened
  • Instagram gives count within 3 seconds on screen counts

But, among all YouTube has a special rule for video count with it being counted after 30 seconds of its view or a relative percentage of the length of the video

How will this help the brands?

The time any user will spend on the viewing of video will help the publisher in learning about the product’s popularity and decide to work with it.

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