Only one third of the total sellers on Amazon portal in India are compliant to the Goods and Service Tax (GST) which is being planned to be implemented on 1 July by the government.


GST process would be complex for e-tailer

As per informer, Amazon will conduct a test on June 15 to evaluate its GST preparedness. The local arm of the ecommerce platform also conveyed to its seller that if they are not GST complaint by 15th June then they will be no longer a member of the company. Though most of the e-tailer has accepted the GST, the transition process is expected to be complex.


Company is hoping for large seller base

A spokesperson who is aware with the matter said that, “So far, about 50,000-60,000 sellers are good to go once GST kicks in officially. This is a cause of concern for the company as it boasts of having a large seller base. They are hoping the warning might see more sellers taking note of the message”.


Amazon claims that it has 2 lakh sellers on board
Amazon has committed that total number of seller is 2 lakh.

A spokesperson said that,

“At Amazon, our priority is to enable our systems to be geared up for compliance with GST regulations. As always, we will work customers backwards to ensure they are not inconvenienced. We have also launched ‘A-Z GST Guide’ programme that has trained and enabled thousands of sellers already to get ready for GST through tutorials, blogs, free online training sessions and paid professional support from third-party service providers. We continue to train and enable more and more sellers and look forward to a simplified implementation to improve ease of doing business for our sellers and serving customers even better”.

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