Google is improving the search console giving users the facility to download complete sets of data from reports. Users can take advantage of this upgrade as it is live now.

New changes

Earlier search consoles used to allow users to download specific table views. Now Google has upgraded the search console to allow users to export more and better data making it easier to read search console reports once they are downloaded.Google has implemented this change in response to requests from search console users.

Google search console will provide users the full data behind the charts in contrast to the details table whenever a user exports data from an enhancement report.

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Users will be able to download the following : 

  • A daily report of the pages, their status, and the impressions received by them.
  • A list of the issues and their concerned pages.
  • The search console will give details when exporting data from a drill-down view.


Users can select in what format they want to export the data either in google sheets or excel format, which will come with two tabs. The search console will give a zip file with two slides inside when exported as a CSV.


Dataset downloaded from the AMP status report.
Dataset downloaded from the AMP status report.
Image Source: searchenginejournal

NOTE: The actual report will contain the name of the report, the domain name, and the date it was exported.

Improved ability to download data from performance reports with one click. It includes,

  • Queries
  • Devices
  • Countries
  • Pages
  • Dates
  • Search appearances

The search console will provide the user with an extra tab called ‘Filters’ beside the above data displaying which filters were used when data was exported.

Example of an exported performance report – 

Performance on Search Export Example
Performance on Search Export Example
Image Source: searchenginejournal

The above changes are live now.

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