LinkedIn houses millions of users and many of them could not maintain a standardized profile that would grow their businesses.


The “Search Appearances” Feature

LinkedIn Search is a key feature that would help in discovering leads relevant to the business and increase the sales.

LinkedIn said “With our new Search Appearances feature, you can now go to your LinkedIn Profile on – both mobile and desktop – and see how many people found you from a LinkedIn search”.



The last image at the rightmost corner depicts the list of those who are searching whom.


Applying “Reverse Engineering”

By Reverse Engineering the job titles or industry names or company types who are viewing the user’s profile that is the user can edit his profile to include industry keywords that will pop -up during LinkedIn search. Even the user can edit the content he creates.


A Refined Profile

LinkedIn provides a ‘gamification’ feature like “All Star” that ranks and gives tips to improve profile.

The “Social Selling Index” is another ranking tool that effects that measures the effectiveness of the brand, searching right audience, looking for insights etc.

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