Bing is taking Microsoft edge for the running of Javascript and webpages with Bingbot announced by Microsoft.  Further, Bingbot will continue to update to the latest version of Microsoft Edge and tries to make it evergreen like Googlebot.

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Principal Program Manager of Microsoft-Bing quoted:

Microsoft statement on Web crawler
Microsoft Statement On Web Crawler

Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Impact of Changes:

  1. According to the company, this would make the life of SEO easier.
  2. Bingbot rendering web pages through Microsoft Edge is compatible with all web crawlers.
  3. Bingbot will gradually moving to Microsoft Edge therefore, it will take some time.
  4.  Careful testing is going to conducted by the company before switching to Microsoft edge.
  5. Users have to check that their website must be on Bing Webmaster tools.
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