WhatsApp is testing out its own QR code option, which will enable users to share their contact information through QR scans.

Image Source: Social Media Today

As seen above, the new QR code option will allow users to either display their codes for others to scan which will share your contact info or read other user’s codes. The use of QR in social apps is huge in China.

Greg Greg, VP At Tencent Which Owns WeChat States: 

“In China, payment methods using QR codes have replaced cash and cards in just five years.”

WeChat serves billions of daily users, now facilitates $14 trillion payments by mobile each year, another app AliPay facilitates almost $20 trillion. These two apps are dominating mobile payments with most activities coming through QR codes, which users scan at bars, stores almost everywhere.

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Facebook back in 2016 has tried adding QR code-based offers which will let businesses make use of unique QR codes for in-store purchases.

Image Source: Social Media Today

This did offer a great way to link off and online behavior but it never really rolled out. Recently in 2018, Facebook added new QR codes for Pages so as to make it easier for people to connect with your business.

FB QR Codes for business
Image Source: Social Media Today

QR codes use will rise significantly in the coming time. As of now users will be able to scan QR codes in WhatsApp to make it easier for people to connect within the app.


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