WittyFeed, content marketing firm, is about to revamp its brand as it is going to launch a new user web interface.


New logo and tagline

You will see a brand new logo and tagline which will be perfectly tuned with the company’s vision and this all because of enhancement of its fondness among potential audiences.


Company will adopt Newer Modalities

Vinay Singhal, CEO and co-founder at WittyFeed, said that, “In this update, we are adapting newer modalities which will not only help users discover more content, but also allow brands to engage with them in the best possible formats”.


Completely revamped UI of the company

The newer version with a new UI is in tune with the company’s philosophy of ‘beyond’. The new interface is designed to give brands the power to communicate with the target users in a more friendly way. WittyFeed has been the pioneer in creation of contents for different brands and the upgrade is based on market needs, the company revealed.


Vision to develop new logo and tagline

Singhal said that, “We have been receiving constant feedback from users and advisors on the front-end and back-end admin. The new logo, UI and brand punchline is been designed keeping in mind the continued vision and goal to deliver everything beyond”.


New video section

Video section will have four sub-sections and they are:

  1. Going Viral: For latest topics that are going viral.
  2. Bell Icon: For subscription option for them to get news delivered in inbox.
  3. Floating yet Fix Menu Bar: For a better discovery of trending categories.
  4. Clean Rich Media Banner: For a better exposure for brands.


Company’s content marketing capabilities

Vinay said while talking about the company’s content marketing capabilities that, “Now brands will have two advantages – first, from a content perspective and also from a campaign virability perspective”.

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