In the coming month WordPress 5.3 will automatically hold Google Rel UGC no follow link feature by default. Links that are present in the comment section will directly use the UGC no follow link feature from 12 November onwards.

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UGC Nofollow Attribute:

It is a code that helps Google to find that link is related to user-generated content and cannot be trusted. the code was introduced on 10 September 2019 by Google.

Impact of Rel UGC:

  1. Any WordPress Plugins which are involved in user-generated content and link has to update their code in order to support new code.
  2. The new UGC no follow link attribute still works with all other search engines.
  3. There is no ranking benefit to the user, it just helps the google to know that the link is generated outside the publisher’s control and cannot be trusted.
  4. WordPress user doesn’t face any inconvenience with this new upgradation.



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