YouTube announced for the enhanced look of its mobile app and desktop site were user can view any video in full size.


A larger number of watchers

Recently YouTube has announced that it has crossed a big threshold of almost 1.5 billion for logged in watchers and it also said that a single person is spending over an hour on YouTube.


Enhanced experience while creating videos as well

Additionally it had announced that it will give the enhanced experience to its users while creating as well as watching a video.


Formats doesn’t matter for better video watching experience

The main concern is to provide the best experience to the user through show of any videos in best possible way irrespective of its format. No matter what format you have chosen while capturing it, either it is horizontal or vertical; 4:3, 16:9 or square; shot via DLSR or mobile phone.


New Mobile app feature will be coming soon

In nearby weeks, YouTube app will dynamically fit in the size whichever you choose to watch.



It means that it doesn’t matter  if you are watching videos horizontally, square or vertical, the player would adapt itself and screen will fill the video accordingly.


What is happening with YouTube’s Desktop Site

Other than mobile app, YouTube is also working to enhance the look of Desktop site as well and that’s why it has introduced a new, clean and fresh design with new features like extreme cool Dark Theme for a more cinematic look of videos.

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