As video content considered to be a big deal in digital marketing it is advisable, if possible to create a video to promote your digital marketing campaign. Video content the most performing type on Facebook, Tweets with video get 10 times more engagement than those without. While video content performs better it is not that easy to create good quality videos. Especially at this time during COVID-19 lockdown, it is an option you can simply consider.

YouTube Video Builder Tool

Video Builder allows you to create videos with good content by using still images, templated and build music clips. Youtube has been testing this new tool for the last couple of months which the company is looking forward to making the Video Builder tool accessible to businesses amid the COVID-19 lockdown. It will help businesses to create creative content for effective promotions.

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Statement By YouTube

Statement By Youtube
Image Source: Social Media Today


As the Video Builder tool is free to use the tool, it creates clips of a maximum of 15 seconds in length. It is not easy to download clips from Video Builder to use as when you want. There is no option to download the video, users can only share the video with colleagues for feedback or can save the videos in your YouTube channel to use it in an ad campaign.


As observed, YouTube has been working on this new Video Builder for a while, which the company is now offering beta access to more businesses for effective promotions during COVID-19. There are now multiple tools to create videos with good content to capitalize on increased attention during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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