YouTube showcases the four different ways with the aim of making creators’ workflows more easy and efficient. Soon, YouTube studio will come up with these four new updates.

Recording along with editing of video will become easy for the creators. The creators won’t have the hassle of uploading the videos and optimizing their titles and description. These four new updates will make the creators’ work easy on the backend.


YouTube Is Broadening Its New Clips Feature

Enhancement In Default Uploads

Upload defaults are known to be the setting that the creators can apply on all their web uploads. They can include privacy settings, category, title, description, and many more. Creators usually use default uploads to save their time by not doing the repetitive tasks again and again.

However, YouTube is trying to make upload defaults more powerful. As for now, creators can select only one set of default settings for all their videos but sooner, creators will be able to select multiple settings for their different videos.

Uploading Videos From Drive

Another improvement for the creators’ workflow is now they will have the ability to upload videos from their Google drive. This will save a lot of time, bandwidth, and storage space on their devices. Currently, creators can upload videos either from their computer’s internal storage or through an external drive connected to a desktop computer.

Pre-Publish Measure On Mobile

Recently, YouTube introduces the pre-publish checks for mobile uploads. When creators publish their content through desktop then they have to go through a number of pre-publish checks. This will make sure that videos don’t violate any YouTube policy.

Initially, the pre-publish checks option was introduced to desktop only. Soon, it comes for mobile uploads as well. This will save a lot of time for creators.

Futuristic Features For YouTube

YouTube gives a brief idea about the future feature that is coming for the creators. One of the major features is the auto-generation of video titles and descriptions. This will allow creators to upload a video and don’t have to worry about any other thing.

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