Youtube is practicing an Interesting experiment & is working on a new profile card option which shows the full listing of any user’s comment history within the channel while clicking over the username.


YouTube Profile Card test
YouTube Profile Card test


You can check in the above listing which would display the full comments history of users over the channel. This can be useful for the people who have a penchant for composing pithy, yet invading, YouTube comments.


What did Youtube say?

Last week, the test was announced on Youtube Creator Insider Channel, where youtube says:

They were testing out a new feature where if someone is reading any user’s comments, then he/she be able to check that user’s activity over the channel from the last 12 months. it will not show the user’s comment over other channels but will give you an idea, what the person is sharing & hope it will enhance connections with others in youtube community & also helps the creators to know their best commenters.


What The Idea is All About?

The idea is more about building community. You can check how the user responds and share his views so that you can get a brief idea of how you should respond or else if the user always posts negative they may not be responding. Techcrunch notices that it can also help in analyzing like who is authorized or unauthorized and whose comments need approval and whose doesn’t. Currently, the feature is in testing phase along with one more test of personalized message option for users supposed to become subscribers to check whether it can increases the no. of subscribers or not.



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