The state government has put forward a set of zoning regulations for Bengaluru civic corporation, municipalities and urban areas that comes under local planning authorities.


The Regulations

The directives will legalize the small businesses that have been in the residential areas for a long time. Now, the Residential Main and Residential Mix will just be called the Residential.


Classification of Business

Businesses are classified on the basis of the width of roads. These are categorised as C1, C2, C3, C4 and C5. C1 type businesses can exist in all zones while there are limits for C5.

Newspaper, stationery and milk booth, coffee/tea stall, Internet centres, ATM centres, shops, medical shop, food outlets, clinics and offices of professionals comes under C1 and can do business if the road has a minimum width of 30 feet.


For the benefit of citizens

The proposed regulations allowed services in interest of senior citizens, women and children that lets them to travel only short distance. The proposal has been made specifically for residential roads with roads that are 30-ft wide. This is applicable all over the state including public or private layouts.


What Shanthappa Honnur has to say  

Town planning expert Shanthappa Honnur stated that “Urban areas differ in size and character. There are heritage places, industrial suburbs, coastal cities and they call for different types of regulations”. He also suggested that allowing business will lead to increased traffic and congestion in smaller areas.


The High Court Report

The high court, has directed the BBMP to cancel licences issued to businesses that have come up in residential areas and are violating the rules. Businesses such as bakery, tailoring shops, and hair-cutting saloon in residential areas are allowed on roads not wider than 40 feet.

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