Google ads have now made it easier for manager accounts to share the audience list across all accounts Until now, sharing audience lists across all accounts has been a complicated task to perform by the manager accounts as it required multiple steps to set up. Now, advertisers can easily do it through the settings panel.

New Feature

With the introduction of this new feature called, continuous audience sharing helps share any remarketing list as created in manager accounts to all the present and future sub-accounts. You can control which audience lists are active by receiving lists from multiple manager accounts.

Upcoming Feature

Sub-accounts can not share audience lists with manager accounts yet but this is something which will be available in the coming months.


Image Source: Search Engine Journal

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Disclaimer On Sharing Remarketing List From Google

Disclaimer By Google on Re marketing List
Disclaimer By Google on Remarketing List
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Google Ads Remarketing List

The remarketing list for search ads, also known as (RLSAs) allows marketers to target customers who have shown interest in a business.

Gooogle’s Statement

Google Statement
Google Statement
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

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