On Monday morning youtube announces its new update about its video reach campaign i.e now the advertisers are able to post multiple videos under a single campaign. With the help of Machine learning technology, google is going to amend the best possible combination of the ads, so that it reaches the ultimate audience. “The New Campaign is making video advertising more uncomplicated and effortless,” says  Debbie Weinstein, VP of Youtube.

How Many Videos Can be Uploaded in a single Campaign?

Maximum up to 3 video ads can be uploaded in a campaign on the Cost Per Mile (CPM) basis. The campaign cost is lowered with this feature as compared with earlier youtube policies.

Prime Benefit

This new feature enables the advertisers to make their campaigns more thorough and can upload in a series of ads. The First opportunity was given to the FORD Company to use this format of campaign but now The Video Reach campaign is accessible to all sponsors and right now it keeps running on YouTube’s work area over desktop and mobile platforms.

How does it help?

The new campaign format helps various industries to work effectively and efficiently and gives a boost to use this tactic across other various campaigns.
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