Snapchat is continuously maintaining an equilibrium with brands. With their previous Geofilter option, brands were able to prepare campaigns which was a really great move in gaining acknowledgement. Now Snapchat is bringing on another monetary effort by disclosing its advertising API to all.


What is this new development?

Though the parent company Snap used to provide the access of the APIs only to a handful of approved developers, but now this privilege will be accessible to advertisers, agencies and the third party developers. This will provide a great opportunity to advertisers to automate their Snapchat ads.


A brief discussion over this new development

This new development garnered a lot of attention. It was commented “It represents Snapchat’s first moves in the programmatic advertising realm, meaning that ads can be bought and sold automatically, and advertisers can experiment with different kinds of ads through A/B testing to see what works best. Or, for example, a retailer could optimize their ads based on their inventory — if stock runs low on one product, they could automatically switch ads to promote another product.”


How is this beneficial?

As it popularly known that such automated ads buying is present on other platforms. Thus, having a feature on Snapchat as well would help advertisers generate more ad revenue. Even Snap also declared that 90% of its ads were bought programmatically, which marks the potential advantage of having such types of ads.

Moreover, with this open API, the marketers don’t have to communicate with Snap’s direct sales team or manually put their ads. It was declared “For agencies, it can reduce the reliance on outside vendors to manage clients’ Snapchat campaigns and increase their flexibility and control over those campaigns. And for developers, it can enable them to erect new ad-buying dashboards to serve more niche needs than what may be satisfied by larger, more general ad tech firms.”


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