While other social media platforms are debating on political ads on their platforms. Snapchat CEO comes with a fact that all political ads that are been streaming on its platform are facts proved.

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Words By Spiegel CEO of Snapchat:

Spiegael Words
Spiegel Words
Image Source: Social Media Today

Other Social Media Platforms Action On Political Ads:

Other Social Media Actions On Political Ads
Other Social Media Actions On Political Ads
Image Source: Social Media Today

It is clearly seen facebook is the odd one out among all of them. Facebook has to really work hard in order to publish political-related content. Yet it is very difficult to say which approach is best as apart from facebook other platforms have increased some safety over political content.

The debate will heat up more in the 2020 election. But we should move towards the abide rules that all social media platforms must follow.

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