American electronic e-commerce Amazon has now replaced its workers with robots and has moved the same workers with new job roles. In 2014 Amazon started rolling robots to its warehouses, the machines originally developed by Kiva Systems which Amazon bought for $775 million two years earlier.


Amazon opens 50,000 new jobs

Amazon’s worldwide workforce is three times bigger than Microsoft’s and 18 times bigger than Facebook, and a week ago, Amazon said it would open second headquarters in North America with up to 50,000 new occupations. Amazon now has more than 100,000 robots in real life around the globe, and it has plans to add numerous more to the blend.


Robots make Amazon pickers more efficient

“The company wanted the machines to perform the most monotonous tasks, leaving people to engage them mentally” said David Clark, the top executive in charge of operations. The robots likewise cut down on the strolling expected of specialists, making Amazon pickers more productive and less drained. The robots likewise enable Amazon to pack retires together like autos in surge hour activity, since they never again require path space for people.


Amazon adds 80,000 warehouse employees

Amazon has added 80,000 warehouse employees in the United States since adding the Kiva robots, for total of more than 125,000 warehouse employees. The e-commerce will further continue its warehouse hiring spree. Clark further added that “history showed that automation increases productivity and, in some cases, demand from consumers, which ultimately creates more jobs. He said warehouse workers would continue to work in technologically rich environments.”

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