With Microsoft’s previous AI chatbots-Tay and Zo, Ruuh is the latest one to join the list.


About Ruuh

It is a “desi AI who never stops talking” which is available in India speaking only in English language. The main topic that will be discussed on the platform is Chatting, Bollywood, Music, Humour, Travel & Browsing & Internet.


Previous Chatbots

A combined project of both Microsoft Research and Bing Teams, Tay.ai was launched for an audience of 18-24 year olds. Bing also created Xiaoice which was referred to as “Cortana’s Little Sister” in China. Tay was available in Twitter, Snapchat, Kik and GroupMe.


What Microsoft has to say about their AI chatbots

“At Microsoft, we’re focused on helping people and organizations achieve more through new conversation models. We’re excited about the possibilities in this space and are experimenting with a limited pilot program of a new chatbot that’s focused on advancing conversational capabilities within our AI ambition. We hope to expand this chatbot to a broader audience in the future.”


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