API Version 7.0 Of Google Ads Is Now Available

Google has declared the new version 7.0 of the Google Ads API. Google updates this version directly from the 6.1.0 version which was launched on April 10, 2021. According to Google, in order to use version 7, advertisers need to update their client libraries and client code.


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Highlights of Version Of the Google Ads API

Google has highlighted some of the interesting features from version 7.

A. Advertisers may now have new assets present in test accounts:

  • Sitelinks Assets
  • Structured Snippet Assets
  • Callout Assets

B. Google has added the promotion assets in production and test accounts both.

C. From version 7, Google ads API will now support Apple’s SKADNetwork.

D. Keyword Planning Of Google Ads will now support:

  • Refining keywords using annotation data
  • Selecting a custom date range for search volume
  • Requesting aggregate metrics for generated keyword ideas and for keywords in a keyword plan


The Google Ads API which was an upgraded version from Google Adwords API took almost a month to be bug-free and used by everyone.

Therefore, it is advised that advertisers should wait for some time before upgrading to version 7.0

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