WhatsApp always comes up with new features that are always enjoyed by the users. Similarly in the past few weeks, WhatsApp has been working on many new exciting features like vacation mode, group call update, and a security feature that will redirect the user to a new website to check the security bugs.

New Features

Customizable wallpapers

This feature will allow users to use different wallpaper accordingly they want in their chats as till now, users can use one wallpaper which is visible in all the chats.

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Vacation mode

This feature will especially roll out for the archive chats. Users will be able to get the notification if there will be any message from the archived chats. There will be a special section for an archived chat. Users will get the option of enabling notification or not according to their wants.

Group Call Updates

Whatsapp will add a new ringtone for the group calls and a new tone will also be there when the call end. Users can also join the video call if it is still on and they have missed to pick it.

Security Features

WhatsApp owned company Facebook, has launched a webpage that will show the security bugs and issues. It will show all the bugs of the past and present. Users will get to know about all the security bugs.

According to Facebook:

“We are very committed to transparency, and this resource is intended to help the broader technology community benefit from the latest advances in our security efforts. We strongly encourage all users to ensure they keep their WhatsApp up-to-date from their respective app stores and update their mobile operating systems whenever updates are available”

Dark theme improvements to WhatsApp Web

Dark will also be there for users who use the dark theme on their PC’S, they can also customize to dark themes.

Doodle improvements

WhatsApp will also add the feature for the users to add doodles in the solid colors of chat. It is under development and will be added in the future.

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