Bing now can answer some questions with Yes or No. Bing announces that it established big neural network models that enable it to answer questions with yes or no which therefore improves its intelligent answers worldwide and better understand complex concepts.

Here’s a Yes or No question for a search on ( Can dogs eat chocolate?):

Bing Query
Image Source: Search Engine Roundtable

Bing says that it goes across sources to form an explicit answer to this question. Bing is expanding its intelligent answers worldwide to support more regions. For example, ” rapa rossa benefice” is known as ” red turnip benefits” in Italian, and Bing, therefore, is making use of the same model it uses in English speaking markets, that has never seen any labeled data in Italian.

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Bing Italian Query
Image Source: Search Engine Roundtable

Bing better understand the intent of the query and further improves search relevance. It has created an NLR- based approach that is tuned to rank potential search results for the concerned query that uses the same scale as human judges. The query here is ” brewery Germany from the year 1080″. It was observed that there was no such German brewery in the exact year. Therefore, Bing assumes the user is looking for a millennium-old brewery in Germany even though the user has typed in wrong.

Bing German Brewery Search Result
Image Source: Search Engine Roundtable



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